Medical Billing And Coding Salary – Average Pay Per Hour 2012

The medical field is continuing to grow in demand, even the administrative position. Medical billing and coding is an integral part of any doctor’s office or medical facility. There is a lot of respect that comes with this field. It only takes a short amount of time to be able to train and become a professional in this area. Soon you will be able to earn a solid and stable income, while working a regular daytime schedule with your medical billing and coding salary.

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General Job Description

Any doctor’s office, hospital, or medical facility is going to have a need for someone in the medical billing and coding profession. Whenever a patient comes into the facility and has a visit that information is coded and entered into the computer system. An invoice is then generated and sent out to the patient. The medical billing and coding department are the ones who keep the money coming in and the doors open to the patients. It is their hard work that keeps the doors open on a continual basis and makes the medical billing and coding salary that you make well worth the company’s money.

Education Needed for Medical Billing and Coding

There are a lot of allied health and technical schools that are going to offer you the training you need to enter into the medical billing and coding field. Generally, you can expect to spend around nine months in school to receive your certification, as long as you are attending your classes full-time. There are even a few colleges that offer you the ability to earn an associate’s degree in the field. If you are working full-time and you are not sure how you are going to be able to go back to school at the same time, you may want to consider an online degree course. The amount of money you are going to invest for your education will pay off when you see your medical billing and coding salary.

Duties of a Medical Billing and Coding Professional

Anyone who is employed in the medical billing and coding field is going to have to deal with a lot of paperwork. There are numerous insurance claims, such as private insurance, Medicare and insurance fraud that you are going to be dealing with on a continual basis. You are going to have to handle confidential patient files and medical records on a regular basis, so the employees must be discreet and professional. Another job requirement in the medical billing and coding field is handling collection accounts.

Different Jobs Available in This Profession 

After you have taken your certification test and passed, there will be plenty of job opportunities that are available to you. Hospitals are currently employing a large number of people in this profession, as well as other large medical facilities. A private doctor’s practice or clinic may offer job possibilities in the medical billing and coding field. Nursing homes, home health care agencies and a few government agencies have also been known to use a medical biller and coder.

Salary Expectations

You can expect to start out making around $12 per hour when you first enter into the medical billing and coding industry. After you have a year of experience underneath you, your pay will go up to almost $13 per hour. If you are certified and you have at least five years of experience or more, you can expect to earn about $14.62 per hour. Anyone who has at least 10 years of experience in the field will be making upwards of $15 per hour. As you can see, the medical billing and coding salary is fairly competitive with others in the medical profession. The more experience that you have, the more money you are going to make in the long run.

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